What does the EcoLogo Represent?

Quality Products and Services that are:
Good for YOUR Organization,
Good For Your Budget and
Good For the Environment!!!

Top quality, competitively priced products and services with a difference. They do much less harm to the environment than other products in the same category, while providing performance and value.

EcoLogo Products must meet or exceed performance standards in their class
The EcoLogo means you can be sure that the products or services are more environmentally sound because of the way they are produced, used or disposed of. In fact, the EcoLogo is internationally renowned because of its tough certification process.

Companies which volunteer for the program have their products evaluated by a third party and, if successful, are certified and permitted to display Environment Canada’s official mark of certification - The EcoLogo.

To obtain the EcoLogo, the certified products must continue to meet applicable safety and performance standards. That means they must meet the same quality and performance standards expected of that product or service class - regardless of the EcoLogo status.

As a buyer for your department or company, that’s really good news. Because it means that you can count on the products and services displaying the EcoLogo, to perform exactly as you would expect any product in the same category.

We know you face the constant challenge of trying to get the best combination of value and quality for your clients and company. Because of your position as a corporate buyer, you also face the added task of buying environmentally responsible products whenever possible. The right choice for your company, your budget, and for the environment.

Help your organisation reduce the burden on the environment. Work with companies that have chosen to meet stringent environmental criteria in their product or service category. 
Look for the EcoLogo.

For information on the Environmental Choice Program contact:
TerraChoice Environmental Marketing
Toll Free: 1-800-478-0399
Fax: (613) 247-2228
Electronic mail:

Who is TerraChoice Environmental Marketing?

TerraChoice Environmental Marketing is an environmental consulting firm which, under an exclusive license agreement, manages and delivers the Environmental Choice Program on behalf of the Federal Department of the Environment.

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