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NATURAL CONTROL CONC. All Natural Odour Control Concentrate


Used for:
The control of odours and the repelling of insects, in a highly effective manner, especially where non toxicity and/or the maximum residual effect is mandatory or preferable. This product may be "Dripped" in sewage treatment plant facilities, or used in washrooms, sprayed in open ditches, garbage trucks, garbage dumps and other outdoor areas.


Clear liquid, golden amber, citrus odour.


  • Absolutely non toxic to warm blooded animals.
  • The most economical control available for the recommended applications due to minimal amount of product required and low frequency of application needed.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • Readily emulsifiable in water.
  • Easy to mix and use.
  • Safe to skin, or any surface where used.
  • Safe to handle and store.
  • Masks odours as well as inhibiting organic causing odours.
  • Will not affect bacterial action of sewage treatment plants,lagoons or ponds when used as directed.
  • Can be utilised to eliminate costly and troublesome complaints caused by malodours

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